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Star2Star - Save on monthly phone bills and overhead
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Read how Star2Star helped one major retail chain save on monthly communication costs and overhead.

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Star2Star Makes Scalable Unified Communications Systems
That Pay For Themselves

How Star2Star features reduce your costs:

  • Line pooling slashes the cost of communication by drastically reducing the number of phone lines you need across multiple locations.
  • Line bursting adds additional lines, on the fly, when call demand exceeds the number of lines available.
  • Free inter-office/-location calls will help you collaborate and communicate across the country, without worrying about cost.
  • Automatic software updates, including security enhancements, give you system maintenance without the wait and interruptions caused by having to make service calls.
  • Free voicemail and low long distance and international rates provide dramatic drops in monthly communication costs.
  • Our scalable system that can support hundreds of phones at a single location saves you from having to invest in hardware you don’t need yet.
  • Advanced UC features such as, StarFax, automatic call routing, cloud-based auto attendants, call recording and voicemail to email access deliver solutions that enhance productivity and collaboration, while reducing costs.
  • Our unique blended architecture delivers both on-premise and cloud technology so that you can make the most of your current resources while connecting you to secure data centers and offering the cost advantages of UC systems.
  • Flexible per-seat and per-line allows businesses to customize their pricing options according to their business needs.
  • Bring Your Own Broadband allows most customers to use their current internet connection without having to invest in a new one.

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